Sunday, 9 January 2011

Why Nylon?

Although i appreciate natural fibres i tend to prefer nylon cordage for a variety of reasons. First you can melt the edges and be done with it, whereas natural fibres burn and then split if you don't make a whipping. (Note that climbing ropes or naval ropes may need whipping as melting the ends is no use when there are multiple strand cores..)Most important of all is something that in my country's army slang is called "boot lace glue". We used to take the nylon black boot laces and melt them with a lighter and use the melting nylon to glue things together. I've glued a ripped pocket that lasted for 3 months. With practise and care(you dont want to burn yourself...) you can repair your tent, use it to light a fire,(nylon burns good even when wet), and more.

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