Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick Tip #2 : Water Bottle

Here is a good tip for a water bottle on the trail. You can use any type of bottled water bottle (?) as a compact and of course watertight container. I used an empty 1,5litre water bottle. Here all bottles like that are designed to be compressed as to take up less space for recycling and in the garbage bin. So find a suitable bottle and try it out. You can expand it and compress it at least 200 times before it becomes difficult to use. Plus the cap screws on so well and tight that you can carry a full bottle in the pack without fear of breaking open. Unless of course it gets punctured by something sharp and pointy....
The uncompressed water bottle.

The compressed water bottle. (Sorry for my hairy hand...)
Note that the bottle will retain its compacted form indefinately...So, there! Water bottle that is built to carry water and without any weird nylon smell. You can have an unopened water bottle like that in your backpack as extra water and a handy container.

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