Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Where Am I?

I don't consider myself a woodlore enthusiast...That is i am not a techno freak obsessed with expensive equipment or that "genuine outdoor feel" of other bits of gear. I do believe however on careful planning and usefull knowledge. Sokrates said that wise is not someone who knows much but someone who knows useful things In the woods i feel like someone that was sleeping for along time and woke up from his slumber...Though i live in a big city i am apalled by the noise and behaviour i see every day. That is the reason i take to the forest, to find the peace of mind that is written in our genetic code from time immemorial...But as i said being prepared is a good way to actually enjoy every trip out there. Which brings us to the matter at hand and that is using a darn map! Recently, at the mountain range i am usually hiking and camping, came a group of so called hikers from another city in Greece and they went on the paths without consulting anyone and without asking for inforamtion from the local mountaineering association. Mnd you they were supposed to be experienced hikers from another association in their city. Long story short, they got lost and they were rescued the other day at 5:00 am... There are many maps you can obtain either from a local Forest Ranger or the equivalent public source or search for something similar from map making companies or local climbing associations. Make sure you know how to use them, and study the course you want to take. If you feel like exploring, mark your location on the map where you leave the trail (either with your gps or with traditional ways) and the course you are taking off the beaten path. The most suitable maps are those that show forest roads and recorded paths up in the mountains. I never leave my home without one.

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