Saturday, 8 January 2011


My humble backpack...
The equipment posted is not always necessary to be carried about your person. There are however some bits of gear that are truly essential. Here is a breakdown of what i carry with me at times. There will be seperate posts about everything so at first here is a list with some notations...

1. Backpack. Depending on the length of your journey and the equipment you want to take with you, these vary much in terms of capacity and usefulness.
2. Hiking Boots. This is propably the one thing where cost shouldn't matter. You want to keep your feet dry, comfortable and secure every inch of the way.
3. Spare Clothes. Always in a sealed heavy duty nylon bag.
4. Baton or Walking stick. You can get them as cheap as 10$ or for free if you find a suitable wood to carve from the forest. A must have as it reduces fatigue and helps in difficult situations.
5. Poncho. Again something that should be as good as you can get it. Remember that you are not a Army Commando so get something that has either striking colors or an olive drab or black one. Camouflage ponchos are a bit cheaper here because no one else buys them except troops.
6. Knife. You can get a good knife for under 50$ and be happy with it. Bayonettes and similar warmongery knifes are best left to other people. Stick to something your Granddad would have used...(unless your granddad was a Special Forces Commando...)
7. Axe. Since you are not a lumberjack and you don't plan to hack your way through an entire forest, stick with small forest axes and hatchets that get the job done. You can get excellent reviews at Wood Trekker regarding axes and knives.
8. Rope or Cordage. Various types and lengths may be useful but only in certain circumstances. Will post something to clear this.
9. Folding Shovel. Military grade German shovels sell for 16$. Not always necessary unless you decide to spend the night out or make camp to have a warm cup of tea.
10. Small or Basic Survival kit. Will be detailed in its own post....
11. Food for 72 hours. Certain dry foods and cans can get you a long way...
12. Water Bottles. Carry most of the water you're going to need in good and appropriate containers. There are backpacks that support the use of a camel back type water pouch and you can get one for 8$.
13. Flashlight. There are many types and we'll cover them later.
14. Folding Saw or Wire Saw. This is something optional and useful only if you plan on camping out for the night or you want to practise any bushcraft skills. Can cost as low as 10$.
15. Detailed Maps of the area. With compass...Always...
16. Cellphone or GPS SATphone with travel charger. there are a few details about these that can prove useful.
17. Medikit. Something simple and useful is usually good enough for any trip up to 2-3 days.
18. Bivuac or Tent. Anything that can keep the wind and the rain out if you plan on sleeping in the woods.
19. Basic cooking utensils. Only if you plan on staying the night in the forest.
20. Written Material. Personal Information Documents and Emergency phone numbers as well as anything you can print regarding knots, some safety information for the wild and even a good book for the night.

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