Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick Tip #1

Always know your equipment! Even though it would be useful to know exactly what you carry, you should always know a thing or two about the bits and pieces you stuff in your backpack. A good example is knowing the load bearings of any type of rope you carry, and if possible limit the variety of rope and cordage to just 2 or 3 types. There are good, strong nylon strings out there. The one i use comes in a spool 30mm in diameter by 70mm in height, is only 1mm thick(!), has a set load bearing limit of 50 kg(!!)(it says so on the wrapper plus i tested it), does not stretch,and  is a good 50meters long...There! Thats enough strong string to put a tarp up, hold your tent against wind, and even hang your 20kg backpack by a tree. All that for 4euros or 5.50$. Do you know how strong, or waterproof is your poncho or tarp? What kind of steel is your knife? The load bearing on your karabiners?

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