Friday, 14 December 2012

Re-inventing The Backpack - Update

Updated: I have re-written the post so it is now more comprehensible and easy to navigate through to the other posts. 

I've been wanting to start this post in quite some time now. I believe it is of the outmost importance to go one by one the necessary Backpack items...

I really think that most of the time I carry useless stuff with me and I lug around too much equipment than I actually need or use regularly in the woods. So, after much consideration and practise, I got down to some basic principles. I decided to prioritise my gear so I could easily add or subtract gear packs within my backpack for easy access and versatility. Thus, I designed basic "kits" to have with me depending on the time I am about to spend out in the woods and the difficulty of the terrain or weather.

As an overview I will be detailing gear per kit as follows...

1. The Mess Kit
2. Medical Kit
3. Tools Kit
4. Food Kit
5. Shelter Kit
6. Emergency Kit
7. Clothes Kit
0. Water

My aim is to instill a way of thinking about equipment and not promote brands or anything. So many times I will be writing about something I got for free, or a promotional (also free...) item...because Ι just can't stand super expensive items that you can also get for free or super cheap...However, good equipment such as titanium pots, or utensils, portable gas stoves, etc. are a different matter altogether. On such equipment Ι can go as high a price as I can get or as low as I can find...

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