Friday, 23 November 2012

What do you know...I'm back!

Of course i've been busy since I last posted something, but believe me it was worth it! My daughter has come into this world and since she is our first child we are immensely happy to have her with us. She is a little angel. I had to work pretty hard those last months. But in the end everything is just as it should be. I wasn't completely out of touch, i did find time to have some hiking and mountaineering work done and of course i did periodically check  Wood Trekker 's blog. So, I'll be posting again real soon, and just for a taste of what's coming, I'll be posting some pics from a journey to a small waterfall in Loutraki of Aridaia, in the Voras Mountain, I'll be making a thorough revison on the matter of food, some tips on fishing (i've been fishing for 3 years now, it was about time) and some inovative ideas on equipment, containers, and practical information in general. So, good to be back, cant't wait to get in touch again with familiar bloggers, and see you soon!

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